7 October 2018

Brunch at NAC

As a belated birthday treat, I asked my friend where she'd like to go for brunch. As we're both south west I thought she'd suggest somewhere local, but I was quite excited when she said she'd had her eye on NAC for a while, so did I want to try there?

Yes, I did.

Situated on North Audley Street, NAC (an acronym for North Audley Canteen) is a cute, intimate spot which serves food all day, and of course brunch on the weekend.

A short walk from the likes of Claridge's, the menu is on the steeper end of the scale if you're dining a la carte, but the brunch menu is a lot more accessible for the likes of me, who is on the Travelodge end of the scale. Dishes range from £7 - £16.

 The menu, featuring all the classics

My friend had an almond milk latte, which I was told was very good - my cappuccino was also of the almond variety as they don't have soya milk here. When I try putting almond milk in normal coffee it curdles and tastes pretty vile, but it definitely tasted decent here! Price-wise, my cappuccino was £3, which wasn't bad at all.

My friend had the tuna poke with quinoa, so I took one for the team and had the ricotta pancakes with dulce de leche and banana. How could I not?

Oh holy mama, these were incredible. Basically banoffee pie in pancake form.

The portion, as you can probably tell, was absolutely HUGE. Normally when I order pancakes I get two, and I'm not full afterwards - but I couldn't actually finish these. Also, the dulce de leche does eventually get very sickly, so you need the bitterness of the coffee to counter it.

100% would order again.

If you do happen to find yourself around Bond Street or Marble Arch and need something to fuel your shopping, definitely check out NAC. I want to go back to try the egg dishes, and the crushed milk chocolate cookies with Frosties soft serve sounds absolutely incredible.

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